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Cinderella's Dream 3.5g

  • Product Type: Flower
  • Flower Type: Sativa Hybrid
  • Supplier: Rolling Farms
  • Brand: Smokey Point Productions
  • Strain: Cinderella's Dream
  • Price: $35.00
  • Test Results: THC: 28.4%
A sativa dominant hybrid strain of Cinderella 99 X Blue Dream strains. High starts with a euphoric uplifted effect that gives you a burst of cerebral energy that launches your mind into laser-sharp focus and a deep state of introspection. As this head high builds, you will fall victim to vivid psychoactive hallucinations and visions almost like a dream that are accompanied by a sleepy effect that puts you in an almost hypnotized state. Treats insomnia, chronic stress, appetite loss, depression, and fatigue. A skunky sweet flavor of ripened berries and citrus, and a sharp aroma of citrus and berries with a skunky earthy overtone.